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"I aim to engage, exchange and showcase the interesting..."

-Gail Y. Bennett


Theme from "Un-Perfect"

An Award-Winning Film

Produced by

Gail Y. Bennett


Samuel Joshua Sauls


​Being a bit of a risk taker has been a refreshing source of self-inspiration for me, especially in our ever-evolving local-gone-global world. Possessing an intelligent understanding of the value of whatever I am working on and how it translates to my own set of personal beliefs and sense of self, is very important.​ People who enjoy and believe in what they do, make for a better and, I venture, a more productive and era-free workforce. 


Whether through effort or by a lucky strike here and there, I am grateful that my experiences and talents have a place in today’s new normal, where being armed with skills in various disciplines is a key advantage. Most important too, is my ability to seamlessly apply talents from sector to sector.​ When I accepted the offer as director of marketing for the renowned PHILADANCO, The Philadelphia Dance Company, I was completely unaware that dance had it's own language! I adapted quickly and applied creative strategies to help promote this amazing institution and its two dance schools! I enjoyed the personal satisfaction of being able to learn a new language.

I think the working world is hungry for people who are capable of establishing their own personal platforms but in ways that elevate others. Maintain a strategic mindset and recruit networks of of people from all walks of life. That's an ideal work-life because it invites the notion of community. Shared community renders the idea of ownership. My mother always insisted that people take better care of things when they own them.


I really get a kick out of reading others "my office" posts on social media. While I didn't take a photo, I once had to pull over while driving to take a phone conference. I recall how energized I felt afterwards. I parked my car by the river near a walking path. My current situation at that moment included   delightful co-workers. They were runners, bikers, a group of ducklings and their mother  enjoying a slash in the water and the pleasant sounds of the workforce of the future, toddlers in strollers!  We are living at such a great time, where technology continues to guide how the work day is being redefined. 

Collaborative creativity and positive thoughts often yield yet dynamic action. Through our work, I think we can all engage, exchange and showcase the interesting…..all making a more livable world together! We can all experience the epitome!



2010 - present

2010 - present

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