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Gail Y. Bennett's EPK (Electronic Press Kit)

As this website continues to develop, you are invited along on a journey where the course, like life, may not always be straight, but always accurate. Somehow that's just the way it should be. In a slice-of-life fashion, I want  to introduce you to people I have met along the way. Others will share their own interesting stories.


Here, you will find yourself privy to all sorts of whimsies in lifestyle, arts & culture, lauded contributions in social care, and an understanding of the universal importance of creativity. I think that every new space is a new community, so let’s explore together.  I envision this space as a place to meet some delightfully interesting people from all sorts of communities, and maybe recognize a little of yourself in them as well.


Why the name Gail Y. Bennett Project ? There’s a certain energy and flow inherent in the process of working on something. Evidence of liveliness is constantly present. Right now, somewhere, something is being built, created, invented, collaborated on and thought of. Project fits quite well!


Thank you for stopping by!

Gail Y. Bennett

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